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Genera News and Updates


Dr. Marga Zarraga, Founder and CEO of Genera Personal Primary Care, returns to SouthCoast Matters today to discuss why an alternative approach to primary patient care appeals to her. 

Second episode on SouthCoast Matters & TCAM TV - Dr. Margarita and Genera Health


Today's SouthCoast Matters show welcomes Dr. Marga Zarraga, the founder and CEO of Founder and CEO of Genera Personal Primary Care, to discuss the philosophy and practice behind "personal primary care," an alternative healthcare system focused on relationship-based care.

Dr. Margarita and Genera Health Direct on SouthCoast Matters & TCAM TV


For many Americans, the average visit with a primary-care physician is 8 minutes. Time spent in the waiting room looking through old magazines is usually a lot longer.

Genera Health Direct offers relationship-based primary care in Plymouth


See how Genera Health Direct is changing primary care, from transparency in pricing to personalized care from its physician-founder, Dr. Margarita Castro-Zarraga.

Genera Health Direct launch covered by Plymouth's


Ws received a shout-out from our friends at Old Colony Memorial for the launch of our clinic last June, 2019. Read more below. 

Old Colony Memorial mentions Plymouth's Genera Health Direct


Thank you to the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce for all its support at our launch event last June! View our business listing on the Chamber website here.

View Plymouth Chamber of Commerce listing for Genera Health Direct

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